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About Me

Hey Guys, 

I am a Cuban American raised in the south of Florida since I was a kid currently living on the west coast of Florida. I worked as an IT Professional, working for the same company for 32 years.  I retired in 2012. 

My passions are cooking and photography. 

All my friends and family rave about my cooking and so I decided to create a YouTube cooking show so I could share my recipes and passion for cooking with all of you.

I am by no means a professional chef, only a self-taught home cook. I learned my cooking skills from both my mother and father who were exceptional cooks.

I cook not only Cuban food which is my first passion but also all different types of cuisines.

The name of my YouTube channel will be "Manny's Home Kitchen", and I hope you guys will check it out and make sure to subscribe to the channel; don't forget to hit that little notification bell so you will be notified every time we publish a new episode. 

Guys, the YouTube channel is a work in progress and we do not have an exact date when the first episode will be online. There is a lot of work that has been undertaken to complete the website and all that is involved in producing a cooking channel.

In any event please keep your eyes peeled, it is happening soon; in the meantime feel free to browse our recipes and our new shop!