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Our Various Support Options

Support Options

We realize that everyone works a little differently.  Some people like to do research on their own.  Some people work best using email.  Still others like to do things the old fashioned way using snail mail.  However you like to work, we have an option for you:

Email Us

This is actually our favorite form of communication. Because we work all hours of the day or night, we are constantly checking the email to make sure we haven't missed something. You will find our nifty contact form by Clicking Here.

Contact Us By Phone

Phone Callback

Some people ask why we don't list our phone number.  Don't worry - We LOVE to help people and look forward to talking with you.  Just fill out our cool CallBack form and we'll call you back on our dime. Just Click Here.

Mailing Address

Manny's Home Kitchen
c/o Seagull Technologies Inc
PO Box 342204, Tampa, FL  33694-2204